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Dreaming of outsourcing your social media? Read this first…

Outsourcing social media

Social media: Confusing, mysterious, time-sucking, geekified, tech. Ewww… (It’s actually none of these things but for once I’m not here to persuade you otherwise. 🙂 ) As solo-workers this description depicts all of the things we’d rather NOT have to deal with in our already stuffed-to-the-brim-lives. Along with cold cups of tea, unpaid invoices and piles of ironing. With these labels it’s no wonder your mind drifts to the dream of outsourcing your online marketing to an expert who will quickly produce thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook likes, magically …

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The ‘like my page’ issue: are you connecting or collecting?

Like My Page

What do you do when you receive a message saying, “Like my page” on Facebook? I first check whether I know the person or not. If I do not, I delete the message. Harsh I know, but I will explain shortly! If I do know them, I then check whether they had the courtesy to provide a reason to “like” their page or not. To me, when you just say, “Like my page,” without explaining what is to like and why I should make the effort, it tells me one …

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