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10 Website Launch Checks You Must Make!

So you’ve worked hard to give your business a fitting brand, had long conversations with designers about logos, stationery and marketing materials, you’ve sweated over how your website should look and have stared for hours at a blank screen whilst trying to produce website copy.   Finally after all those days, weeks (and sometimes even months!) your marketing efforts have accumulated in the launch of your website, at long last leaving you time to get on with actually running your new business!

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Do your clients wear kinky boots …. or sensible brogues?!

How to build rapport and sell your services through your website One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when writing copy for their web site is to make the home page all about them; their qualifications, their passions etc. Whilst your potential clients will want to know about you at some point, one of the first things you need to do is build rapport with your visitor and to do that online you need to be able to step into your client’s shoes

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