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Is link building dead? Nope

Ten years ago link building was all about doing things en masse. You wanted to get your links out there, to as many places as possible and get maximum exposure. A lot of link building was established through trading and buying links, as well as posting in various directories. While these methods may not be dead, they are certainly on their way out. There are several reasons why a lot of the previously used methods are no longer advisable. One is that they’ve been over run with spam and low-quality linking, meaning that they simply don’t work as well …

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3 Business Insights Google Analytics Can Teach You

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Do you have Google Analytics set up on your website? If so, you know there is a LOT of data it can accumulate for your website. But what does it really mean for your actual business? (Don’t have Google Analytics installed yet? Go do that first. Check out my mini tutorial) 1. Where in the world are your prospects and customers? Ever wonder what your geographic footprint is for your business? Google Analytics can tell you exactly how far you reach. When logged in, head to Standard Reporting – Audience …

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Your website home page – how important is it any more?

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When businesses first started going online and creating websites to promote themselves, it seemed appropriate to replicate exactly what they did offline – create online versions of the brochures they sent out by mail or gave directly to clients. But what worked in the 90’s and early part of this decade just doesn’t cut it in today’s web world. Today’s web world is driven by

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5 Top Traffic Sources For Your Site

If you asked any webmaster or online marketer what their most important aspect of running a site would be, you would get an answer that’s some way related to traffic. Mainly because traffic is your site’s lifeblood, actually without traffic you really don’t have a site at all. Traffic is king. Traffic brings in the leads and the sales. Quality traffic is what produces your online revenue, whether from advertising or from sales on your site. Now, I have sites which get less than 50 visitors a day, I have …

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