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How to create a kick-ass first impression

Women with boxing gloves - create a kick ass first impression

The 5 golden nuggets for aspiring entrepreneurs In today’s economy, where over 1,500 people are being made redundant on a daily basis, is it any wonder that more and more people are deciding to start their own business? Corporate life can feel like a bit of a treadmill; if you’re committed to working hard it can be more fulfilling to steer your own course and set up on your own. According to Barclays, over 470,000 new companies started up in the UK alone in 2011. Great news for entrepreneurs but …

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What do your clients REALLY want?

I was doing some Google research the other day and this little Adwords Ad caught my eye “EXECUTIVE COACHING – most advanced coaching techniques available today”. It made me smile as I wondered just how many Executives in desperate need of help go around saying to themselves (or others) “God, what I really need are the most advanced coaching techniques available”! If what our clients were really looking for were the tools that we use then perhaps a

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