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Why the glass ceiling is often invisible: hidden gender discrimination

“She’ll never be a senior manager, because she’ll always put her children before the business.”  Not only were these words said to me once about a very competent, long-serving middle manager who was also a single mum, but unbelievably, they were spoken by a Director who really should have known better. Perhaps the most shocking thing though, was that had I not blown the whistle on this knuckle-dragging employer, the woman in question may never have known that this was the reason for her lack of promotion. She would have …

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How women in business can identify their ‘glass ceiling’ then shatter it

The national and trade press has been doing its best to closely monitor the issue of women in business, or more importantly how to succeed as a woman in business, ever since the government put together a dedicated team to investigate why UK companies do not seem to value the notion of having female members in their boardroom. Here at Muika Leadership (www.MuikaLeadership.com) we focus our energy on developing women in business so that they can break through the glass ceiling that

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Why are women so bad at promoting themselves?

why are women not self-promoters

I often run media training workshops for women entrepreneurs and business women. I am always amazed and in awe of the talent and ability of the women I meet. Their ideas, their drive and passion are second to none. They have passion, energy and endless devotion to their product or service.  Yet when it comes to promoting themselves they are hopeless. ‘I am not very good at bigging myself up’ is the constant refrain ‘ or ‘ I was always told it wasn’t nice to boast.’ It all comes back …

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Mothers can operate their own businesses

Women do not need to choose between motherhood and a life in business, it has been claimed. Writing for Entrepreneur.com, Lisa Druxman, chief executive of fitness firm Stroller Strides, said women are capable of balancing their work and business life. Although she noted that becoming a female entrepreneur is not easy given the potential time constraints, success can be achieved by prioritising tasks.

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We mean business; empowering women in business

November 12: Following the overwhelming success of the last two ‘We Mean Business’ events, Business Link in London is preparing to ‘wow’ the female business owner community in London with a third addition to the series. The event will take place at the prestigious The Cumberland hotel located in the heart of London’s west end. The evening will include expert speakers in marketing, technology and business planning. There will also be a variety of practical workshops to choose from with topics including managing staff, financing your business and evaluating your …

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Are women only communities and networks necessary?

Ok, nothing like challenging our whole premise for an online website, but we might as well start as we mean to go on. The Up For Debate feature, is all about challenging preconceptions and taking nothing for granted. So feel free to tell us how you really feel, we want to know! I recently came across an interesting article on the smallbusiness.co.uk website on Women and funding. The article includes interviews with very successful business women who had the following to say about women’s only networks…

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