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12:30 – it’s that time again!

You know how it is; you arrive at work in the morning fresh as a daisy and ready to plough through your list of things you simply must do. But as it gets nearer to midday you find yourself running out of steam and in need of inspiration. 1230 The Women’s Company (1230 TWC) is a lunchtime networking organisation that supports female entrepreneurs in London and the South East. Founded in 2002 by Penny Denby and Jackie Groundsell, it provides both on and off-line trading and support opportunities across the …

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Networking for success

Successful networking develops a circle of contacts and associations, useful for business. The word ‘networking’ provokes terror in some people, believing they’ll be accosted by assertive people “forcing” them to take a business card! Whilst this type of individual does attend events, the majority of business contacts regard it as a means of relationship building, making a connection or meeting new friends.

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