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Your ideal week! A shortcut to business growth & worklife balance

When I ask clients to describe their ideal week, responses range from dream scenarios (which are encouraged as part of your visioning exercises but a little too ‘long term’ for these purposes!) to abject surprise ‘Ideal? I don’t understand what you mean! The ideal week might be something we dream of in that big picture ‘making a difference while having a lifestyle’ kind of way but it’s unlikely to be something we aspire to actually having – let alone something we believe is within reach. And there’s the problem. It’s …

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When life knocks you down – 5 tips for entrepreneurs

It happens – people get sick, depressed, long-term relationships end, etc. – your personal life can and will get in the way of your business at some point. You can’t plan for these types of things, so how do you hold up your business fort when you still have paying clients and your life just takes a really bad turn? Schedule a holiday Now would be a wonderful time to go on an impromptu vacation with friends or family. Whether it lasts for just a weekend, a week or more, …

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Stop the madness: balancing life and business

Work Life Balance

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be on Woman’s Hour with Juliette Roffe, the co-founder of Giraffe Restaurants, talking about work-life balance with Jenny Garvey (you can listen to the show here). It’s tough trying to juggle everything, and while Juliette and I were able to talk about our own experiences managing our families and our businesses, in 9 minutes we didn’t have enough time to get into HOW we manage to do it. I wrote a little bit about my story here in this article, Are you driving your business …

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Some home truths about working from home

Working from home is slowly becoming the trend of the millennium. More women than men seem to be taking it up but numbers are increasing all the time. Most of us are totally aware of the benefits from working at home but may not have considered some of the risks and what to do about them. Lack of discipline in time management. This is something that you likely did not face at the office because you were ‘on the office clock’. Now you’re

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Don’t be a slave to your workload!

If you are an entrepreneur you inevitably find that you your workload is unrelenting.  Typically what most people do is work even longer hours to see if they can break the back of the load.  British entrepreneurs tend to work in excess of the European directive of a 48 hour working week.  If this becomes a habit, it will have a knock on effect; if you regularly work very long hours you will become over tired, over tiredness leads to poor performance, poor performance will start to noticeably affect your …

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Woman in Leadership – the work/life balance

September 16, 2008 How do you as a woman use your power within a corporate culture where the male leadership style is still the norm? How can you find your own confident and authentic style to make yourself seen, heard and taken seriously? Join one of Europe’s leading experts in Gender & Leadership and explore different ways to approach the non-linear career path, gaining a perspective on the facts and fiction that surround gender diversity. By sharing experiences and mirroring yourself on other women, it becomes easier and quicker to …

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