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How to make your home-office really work for you!

Creating the Ideal office

If you are a start-up, micro-business or perhaps a solopreneur, keeping outgoing expenses to a minimum will no doubt be at the forefront of your mind. Before taking on the large expense of renting office space, consider creating an office at home. 1. Not enough room Even if you think you don’t have enough room, you’ll be surprised how an office can fit into the most unlikely of spaces – under the stairs, a widow alcove, a hallway, even a cupboard. Even the simplest of home offices can benefit from …

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3 Keys to achieving massive success in your home business!

Key to successful home-based business

As part of my recent interview series with successful entrepreneurial women, I’ve asked over 30 women about the highs and lows of working from home and being the boss. What I heard was inspiring and definitely ‘real-world’ advice. No sugar-coating here then! So, how do you ensure massive success with your home business? Here are 3 key tips from women “doing it for themselves”   1. Establish a home/work boundary One of the biggest challenges my entrepreneurial mums faced was establishing the boundary between home and work. Physical boundaries are easier to establish, …

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Clearing the clutter: It’s a question of priorities

pile of paper - clear the clutter

I spent today with a new client. She’s an artist and a businesswoman with a studio-cum-office in her back bedroom. Unfortunately, she’s got so much clutter she can’t even get into her home-office anymore. In fact, she’s got so much clutter that clearing it from her home-office isn’t even the most important thing for us to do. Priority number one is to get the kitchen sink clear of dirty dishes…  …but the dishwasher’s not working properly and she can’t afford to call someone out to mend it. She’s run out …

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Some home truths about working from home

Working from home is slowly becoming the trend of the millennium. More women than men seem to be taking it up but numbers are increasing all the time. Most of us are totally aware of the benefits from working at home but may not have considered some of the risks and what to do about them. Lack of discipline in time management. This is something that you likely did not face at the office because you were ‘on the office clock’. Now you’re

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Home V Office: where do you do your work?

how to pretend to look busy at work

People who work from home are more productive than their office-based colleagues, a study has recently revealed. Despite the stereotype that home-based workers get an easier ride than people in an office, researchers found they are actually less likely to spend their day surfing the internet and making personal phone calls. On top of that, people who work from home are

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Top 10 Must-Haves for Mumpreneurs

Successful women biz owners weigh in on the people, places and things they can’t live-or work-without. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to interview many mumpreneurs, from Julie Aigner Clark of Baby Einstein fame to maternity wear designer Liz Lange. For self-serving purposes, I’ve asked them all the same question: What can you not live without as a mumpreneur? Most answered with things like “a sense of humor,” “passion for business” and “unrelenting determination.” I then asked for something more tangible. Many gave the same answers and tips. I …

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