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To buy or not to buy? YouTube is the Answer

Pirated pop videos and teenager’s angst-ridden mini-films are YouTube’s most well-known content. However, it is also home to many videos about products and services. Some videos are made by companies. Others are made by professional and amateur reviewers of products. Most importantly, some of the videos are made by customers. Potential customers are increasingly using these videos to make their purchasing decision – to buy or not to buy.

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Using social networks to your advantage

The Internet is an invaluable tool for small and medium businesses alike. For very little or no money, the web and its social networking platforms provide entrepreneurs with access to an international market. The Internet is not only affordable, but is an extremely effective means of understanding, catering for, and reaching potential customers. Lauren Luke, 26, is just one of the many entrepreneurs who owes her success to Internet social media.

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