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The £2500 recruitment carrot for small businesses

Gordon Brown, our esteemed prime minister has promised to pump £500m into helping the unemployed get back to work, while also offering employers a proverbial carrot of up to £2,500 when they recruitsomeone who is unemployed.

The plan was revealed at a job summit held in London yesterday (12 January). Gordon Brown said he intended to do everything he could to prevent the global recession turning into a global depression by preventing short term unemployment turning into long term unemployment.

According to the FT.com…

Brown said: “We know that any action we take has costs, but the biggest cost of all would be the cost of doing nothing.

Failure to act now and to do so in coordination with our international partners would mean a deeper and longer global recession, temporary rises in unemployment becoming permanent, it would mean whole communities written off and that would mean lasting damage to tour economy and a bigger bill to pay in the future and that will not happen on my watch.”

Under the employment plan, £500,000 will be invested by the Department of Work and Pensions and the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills over two years, funded by new money released by the Treasury and targeted at those who have been out of the job market for six months or more.

Brown said employers would be given incentives of up to £2,500 to recruit and train unemployed people and given extra funding for training places to help unemployed people get new skills to maximise their chances of getting jobs from the 500,000 vacancies he said were available in the economy.

Plans were also outlined to create volunteer opportunities to help people back into work habits as well as help to set up a business including funding for the first months of trading.

Secretary of state for work and pensions James Purnell said: “There are still over half a million jobs available, and employers are still recruiting – we will do everything we can to get people into those jobs.

“The half a billion pounds announced today will be used to guarantee extra support to everyone who reaches six months unemployment – we are determined to provide real help to people in these tough times. Our message is simple, the longer a person is out of work the harder we will work for them.”

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  1. Please can you tell me where i can go for help to start my own business under the new enterprise allowance scheme ?I live in nottingham but there dont seem to be any one who has heard of the scheme even though it was in the post and other tabloid papers.Idid the same scheme in 1990 under the conservatives government where i got funding for a year whilst in business .The business folded in 2000 through no fault of my own and i have been suffering with a mental condition until now but i would like to get back into business and employ people like me who have a mental health problem i need to get some funding first though to set up the business can you please help me ?from miss frausted .

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