The Brain of the Entrepreneur

Management Rewired (Portfolio; May 2009), a book by leading corporate consultant Charles Jacobs, challenges many of the assumptions about effective business practice. Jacobs proposes that effective business decisions are made by relying upon emotions and not logic, as is traditionally assumed, suggesting that women are predisposed towards business acumen.

And there’s more good news! Jacobs uses the latest ‘brain science’ as evidence to support the idea that we are not ‘victims’ of our genetics but are able to change the way we think and operate. According to Jacobs, we can all become better business people by ‘rewiring’ the brain, forging and reinforcing new synapse-networks. In an interview for, he says:

‘Physical exercise develops different parts of your body; mental exercise develops parts of your mind. We are not victims of the neural networks we’ve inherited. A pessimist can train himself to be more optimistic.’

(Interview with Leigh Buchanan)

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