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Time to start using social media to grow your business

August 27 & September 17.  If you are launching or growing a business, you simply must learn about two massive trends that have stacked the odds in the favour of small business (finally!).

By far one of the biggest Game-Changing trends on the planet at the moment is Social-Media. For the first time ever, global media is in the hands of the many rather than just a few very powerful people.

Today (and everyday) over 200M people created blogs, videos, podcasts, messages and other media presentations for the world to share.

This is big news for small business. It’s not just the Net-nerds anymore, EVERYONE is using the internet to find the best products and services they want.

So what are you saying about yourself online? What are other people saying about you?… and can you reward people who take your product to market?

The event is run by Daniel Priestley, who 2 years ago came to the UK with a suitcase and a credit card and built a national business without a single hard cost ad. Come along and find out how he did it by clicking here

Here’s what you will learn at this event:

  • What free tools are available online for promoting your business.
  • How to use them effectively and avoid the noise.
  • How Daniel made a book a best-seller for just US$240!
  • How Daniel helped a friends start-up get over 350 eager customers before the business had even launched.
  • How to get your business noticed by Google without spending a cent.
  • How to build rapport with hundreds of people each week in under 30 minutes!

Out with the Old Media in with the New Media
The old way to grow a business involved costly advertising that was poorly targeted at best. It involved constantly searching for new business while desperately trying to service the existing ones. New media has changed the game and if you aren’t part of it, your business will suffer.

Tickets are only £15 and well worth it!

Click here to find out more and book your ticket today

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  1. HI,

    Really got a lot out of the workshop today on blogging for business. You had said that there would be a repeat class on using wordpress. I cannot find this class. Thank you for your reply as to when it is so I can register.

    Many thanks and best wishes,

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