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Twitter Basics Workshop for Business

Twitter is such an easy tool to use to market your business… when you know how…  but for so many it can be overwhelming. If you have found yourself feeling confused about Twitter and just want someone to explain the basics of getting started, then this workshop is for you.

With a little forward planning, Twitter can be a great way to spend some of your marketing time (and let’s face it time = money!) At Women Unlimited I use Twitter to post articles, engage with friends / contacts and promote our events and workshops. And it works! So I’ve put together this 3 hour workshop to help you get started using Twitter in your business.

Using 140 characters you can market yourself, build relationships with the Twitterati, drive traffic to your site and make sales! What’s not to love?

This is an introductory workshop to help you understand how you can use Twitter as an effective marketing tool for your business

What we will cover

In this workshop we will run through the in’s and outs of Twitter

1. Is Twitter for you?

2. How to get started

3. Setting up your Twitter profile

4. Common Twitter mistakes

5. How to find followers and who you should follow

6. How to connect effectively on Twitter

7. Learning the language of twitter and how to use RT’s and hashtags

8. Getting familiar with the Twitter tools

9. Twitter Etiquette

10. Creating your Simple Twitter Plan

Come along for some fantastic networking and find out how to use my favourite social media marketing tool.

Where & When

When: July 24th from 9:30 – 12:30
Where: LUMEN URC, 88 Tavistock Place, Kings Cross, London, WC1H 9RS

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Julie Hall Your trainer

Twitter Basics for Business workshop will be run by Women Unlimited founder Julie Hall. Julie has been working with Twitter for over 5 years and absolutely loves it as a social connection and business development tool. She has taught over 300 women how to use Twitter, so you will be in good hands!  You can connect with Julie @juliehallonline and @women_unlimited

Lovely things people have said that have attended our workshops…

“Great training as always. Julie is at the cutting edge of all things to do with technology and business.” Carole Bozkurt

“Thank you! I feel very excited to incorporated what I have learnt into my marketing materials.” Natasha Fletcher

“I really enjoyed the day and came away feeling positive and focused on some new strategies to take my business forward.” Ros Astaire

“Julie is amazing. Thanks to her support and expertise, my business has grown from strength to strength. ” Emma Hammett

“Excellent! This was a really worthwhile course that justified the fee and my time out of the office. Julie explained things clearly and patiently” Elaine Swift

“I think this session was very helpful for my understanding and well the the time and effort in getting here today” Legjin Tshering

“A very informative workshop, giving a fantastic overview. Definitely recommended” Sarah Wilson – Cat Films

“It helped me focus on my ‘to do’s’ to get a good results for my website” Reimer Katerin

“Informal friendly atmosphere with lots of information presented in an easy to understand format. Thank you!” Angela Williams

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About Julie Hall

Hi, I'm Julie Hall, the founder of Women Unlimited. Which is my 4th business. I've had a business as a headhunter, a consultant, a new media agency and now finally Women Unlimited. I've learned lots of lessons - many of which could have been avoided. I hope you find the articles and stories on this website useful, and feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

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