What’s your conflict colour – red, blue or green

November 7, 2008:

Conflict can be good for your business and personal life. The understanding and management of conflict impacts every area of your life. As an entrepreneur one of your key challenges is balancing work and personal commitments – can be a cause of conflict. Or with our suppliers and business partners – are you someone who likes to avoid conflict? Chances are at some point as an entrepreneur avoiding conflict will lead to reduced efficiency, loss of business opportunity and time wasting.

On a positive note – understanding how to manage and read the true motives behind conflict can be good for business and your personal life. There are ways to “have a nice conflict” – conflict that improves interactions and enhances productivity.

The course teaches participants to go beyond surface behaviour to identify the motivation behind behaviour—answering “why” individuals act the way they do. It becomes easier to accept a person’s actions when you understand what drives you from within.

If this course is of interest to you, please email Salma Shah on salma.shah@beyondonline.org or call on 0845 602 3012. She is offering a 10% discount to Women Unlimited readers


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