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Women not disproportionately affected by the recession

Female entrepreneurs are not being disproportionately affected by the recession, a survey has found.

The Impact of the Recession on Women’s Enterprise – the report commissioned by the Women’s Enterprise Task Force, found that when analysed by sector women were losing their jobs at a slower rate than their male counterparts.

Female entrepreneurs were found to have more positive attitudes towards the recession, and did not want to be seen as victims in the current climate regardless of what happened to their organisations, as they feared this would undermine the hard work they had put in to grow their enterprises in the first place.

The results of the study also appeared to show that women were not dispropotionately having difficulty accessing  finances in comparison to their male counterparts.  This finding broadly ties in with research conducted by Delta Economics and Professor Sarah Carter on Access to Finance, which indicated that there was no clear evidence of differential pricing by banks for women business owners compared to men.

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