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Women Unlimited Meetup

Feb 25, 2010. This month’s meetup features Alison Kemp of Swtich Vision.  Alison is a highly experienced Interpersonal Communications Trainer with background in the Performing Arts, Business and Psychology.  This month Alison is running a session called:

Why aren’t they listening to me?

This session is all about increasing your personal impact through your communication. It’s an interactive session combining theatre and business to inspire and innovate

Picture yourself at a meeting…you’re making a point you consider valid but no-one seems to hear you.  You repeat the point.  Again, no reaction.  Thirty minutes later, someone else makes ‘your’ point and everyone’s totally alert and on board.  And how about the feedback you gave that seemed to fall on deaf ears?  Whether you need to support, challenge or influence others you’ll need to be heard but with only 7% of your communication being verbal, we need to pay attention to the other 93%.  This fun and interactive workshop will give you some invaluable skills to help discover practical tips to help you grab and maintain the attention of others, enhancing your ability to persuade and influence.

Pick up tips to:

  • Strengthen your self-belief and motivation
  • Create more presence
  • Feel more confident
  • Increase your sense of control and influence
  • Be remembered – for the right reasons!

Combining theatre, psychology and business skills, you’ll experience new ways to:

  • Increase your awareness of the first impressions you give to others
  • Instantly access a psychological state to create the right impression for the situation
  • Enhance your use of voice and gesture to communicate with impact
  • Maximise your verbal impact with language that conveys the point to hearing ears
  • Discover techniques to redirect and steer conversations

The Networking

You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other fantastic women who are also passionate about business success. We focus very much on sharing knowledge and experiences as a way of helping you move your business idea forward – so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

When: February 25, 2010

Where: 30/32 Procter Street, WC1R 4QG, London

Time: 18:00 – 22:00

Cost: FREE!  Can’t beat the price, but you do need to register.  Please sign up below.

Share this article if you found it useful! And leave a comment in the box below. We hope to connect with you soon.

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