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The 12 ‘Women Unlimited’ Days of Christmas

Women Unlimited is all about helping female entrepreneurs expand their knowledge and learn from one another’s experiences, expertise and insights. There are webinars, podcasts, training courses, conferences and a stream of high quality blogs, all aimed at supporting professional development, collaboration and improvement. So, in this article, with Christmas upon us and 2013 almost over, I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight what I consider to be some of Women Unlimited best bits. Let me know if you agree…

On the 1st day of Christmas I’d like to send to you..

Five books Julie Hall has recommended as an excellent read

  1. Fascinate by Sally Hogshead. A terrific book all about what triggers fascination and how both people and companies can put their knowledge to good use – it really is an excellent read.
  2. The Click Moment by Frans Johansson. This is probably my favourite book on Julie’s list and I have recommended it to so many people. If you haven’t already had your hands on a copy, it’s a must-read for 2014. It focusses on seizing opportunities and making amazing things happen.
  3. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. Where would the world be without this book? The most successful woman in the US, after Oprah of course, looks at what female professionals can do to help themselves excel in the world of business.
  4. Personal Branding For Brits by Jennifer Holloway – A practical guide to blowing you own trumpet, very helpful for anyone looking to taking themselves to the next level of visibility.
  5. Unmarketing – Stop marketing and start engaging by Scott Stratten – The title here says it all really. Stratten’s book covers marketing theory and uses vivid examples to illustrate the most important points.

On the 2nd day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

The look of relief on the faces of 2 female entrepreneurs I met at a charity event.  They had both established their businesses within the last six months and desperately needed practical help and ideas to get their fledgling operations firing on all cylinders.  I pointed them in the direction of Women Unlimited’s Business Club where they could get ongoing monthly support to help accelerate the progress of their business. If you want to know if there’s a club near you, or about new clubs opening up, click on the link.

On the 3rd day of Christmas I’d like to send to you….

Links to three fantastic articles posted on the Women Unlimited website.

  1. The first one focussed on the 5 essential tips for conducting a small business review at the end of the year. A review is an essential tool for planning your year ahead.
  2. The second article focussed on managing your relationship with time and investing in it rather than letting it become an increasingly scarce resource. The article was written by one of my favourite coaches Teresa Mitrovic – well worth the read.
  3. The third article was all about getting your message across to your ideal client by having a strong sense of identity and a coherent, self-contained story to tell across all your communication platforms. It was written by me but please don’t let that put you off!

On the 4th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

A link to the Women Unlimited Facebook page which has over 4,000 likes! If you haven’t already ‘liked’ it click on the link and check it out.  You will find the latest blogs, tips and news items, all aimed at helping female entrepreneurs build a truly amazing business.

On the 5th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

A text message telling you that Women Unlimited has 12 podcasts loaded on their site waiting for entrepreneurs like you to download and listen to. Julie interviews 12 brilliant women in her podcast series, each one of whom is taking their business to the next level and imparting amazing insights and tips to help women like you and I do the same.

On the 6th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

A link to the Women Unlimited LinkedIn group which has nearly 6,000 members. It’s a great way to meet and engage with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world and with different business backgrounds. You can ask questions or provide answers and it all helps build your visibility with potential clients.

On the 7th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

Jayne Ryan’s email address. Jayne is the Women Unlimited liaison for writers, contributors and Business Clubs leaders, and Julie’s right hand women. A published author herself (at Jayneryan.com), she manages an editorial calendar as long as your arm but what’s great, is that Jane is always on the lookout for new and inspiring writers. So if you have a burning desire to get in print and feel you can help other entrepreneurs grow and develop their businesses with your expertise and insights then take a look at the Women Unlimited guidelines for submitting and send your polished articles to the wonderful Jayne at Jayne@womenunlimitedworldwide.com.

On the 8th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

A kindly reminder to get yourself on Google+ and join the Women Unlimited Group. Julie will tell you that Google+ is becoming ever more important as a social media tool for engaging with your clients. But personally, I find it could be more intuitive. Oh well, I will just have to go on Julie’s Tech Day on Friday 28 February at the British Library. Yes, I have my ticket for that as well!

On the 9th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

A great article about the 9 friendly habits that will make you successful in any business. Did you know that 2013 was the 125th anniversary of Dale Carnegie’s birth? I didn’t but I remember that one of the first self-development books I ever read was ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. In this article, Maureen Hannan, a freelance journalist based in Washington D.C., gives us a condensed version of Carnegie’s nine principles of ‘winnings friends and clients’. So if you have a few spare moments over the Christmas hols, click on the link and refresh your memory.

On the 10th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

A copy of an article on the Top 10 tips to network your business on the Women Unlimited website. The article is designed to help all entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level through more effective networking. It’s so important to get it right when it comes to networking and Cassie Hicks makes some great points in her piece on the subject.

On the 11th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

A reminder that we all like to receive feedback and one of my favourite articles this year was written by Joanna Pieters and entitled 11 Ways to give feedback without stress. No-one enjoys giving negative feedback but often, if delivered in the right way, criticism can be helpful. Without being mean, negative feedback can help service providers optimise their efforts and businesses should be prepared to learn from it where possible. We’d certainly love to hear your feedback, whatever it might be, so feel free to pop your comments in the box below.

On the 12th day of Christmas I’d like to send to you…

An email about next year’s Women Unlimited conference on 7 March, which promises to be another amazing event hosted by Julie Hall, Women Unlimited founder.  Julie will again have a multitude of world-class female entrepreneurs clamouring to speak at her conference.  If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, click on the date above to purchase yours.  I bought mine as soon as it was announced, there is no way I am missing out, hope to see you there!

Whatever the festive period has in store for you, I hope it works out wonderfully well and you’re ready and raring to go in the New Year! I hope you’ll join me in raising an imaginary glass to Julie and her team, a huge thanks for making Women Unlimited what it is and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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