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Women Unlimited tech day

Women Unlimited Tech Day for non-techies

I don’t know how many time people have told me that they are not good with technology … and the thing is, in today’s society, you need to be!  Getting to grips with  technology can be one of the biggest challenges when you are running your business. Particularly if you’re not naturally a ‘techie’.

So we have put together this tech training day to help you use technology powerfully and effectively in your business.  The tools that we will be looking at are not complex, but they are very useful and should help you to shave hours off your work week. And I promise that while we won’t be dumbing it down, equally you should be able to walk away feeling a whole lot more confident, capable and competent about how you can use technology in your business.

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Tools we will be looking at include


Social Media tools

1. Social media management

2. Simple Image tools

3. Measurement tools

Productivity tools

4. Notes, project management, article management, research

5. Google Suite – how to use Google to manage your business and communications from Google Drive / Google Docs, to setting up your Gmail account so that it uses your professional domain,  to Google Plus and Google Analytics


Web & email tools

6. Understanding websites and email

7. Email marketing  We’ll look at how to create subscribe forms, create easy to use email newsletter templates in minutes!  I will also share some of my top email marketing tips as well as templates and ideas on the different types and ways you can use email marketing in your business.

8. Your choice!  You have the chance to tell me what you need beforehand and I will share my top tools

Come along and join us

You may be familiar with some of the tools that I will show you, but I will also be sharing all my best tips and tricks on  how to use them productively in your business.  You will get templates and ideas on not only the tools, but the application of them as well.

Tech required

You are welcome to bring along your laptop.  We cannot guarantee the wifi in the Library will be up to much, but if you have your mobile phone, one of the things I will show you is how to connect your laptop to your phone!

What you’ll get

  • Walkthroughs of our favourite tools to increase your productivity and effectiveness
  • Templates and Idea sheets  on how to use each of the tools
  • Pre-event emails with links to get everything set up in preparation
  • Case studies and examples for the different tools
  • Follow up webinar to answer your questions 2 weeks after the day
  • At an additional cost you can also get a copy of the recordings from the sessions

Julie Hall Women UnlimitedYour trainer

This session will be run by Julie Hall, the founder of Women Unlimited.  Julie has built 3 successful micro businesses including web design agency Springmedia.  The Queen of DIY Business, Julie is a geek and social media junkie and loves all things business (and yes, she realises how sad this is).  She has a passion for inspiring women to build and grow amazing businesses AND giving them the tools to do it.  She specialises in making the complex simple and showing you what you need to know to be able to do it yourself.

Where & When

Where: British Library Business and IP Centre, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB

When: February 28th, 2014 from 10:00 – 16:30

Note: Spaces are limited and we are expecting this session to sell out pretty quickly, so do book early if you want to learn these tools.

Recordings available for purchase and will be sent out 2 weeks after the event

From previous Women Unlimited  attendees

“The workshop was absolutely fantastic.  I have left with a template for promoting my business and received very constructive feedback.  Can’t recommend it highly enough.” Mary Waring

From previous Women Unlimited attendees
“The workshop was absolutely fantastic. I have left with a template for promoting my business and received very constructive feedback. Can’t recommend it highly enough.” Mary Waring

“Great training as always. Julie is at the cutting edge of all things to do with technology and business.” Carole Bozkurt

“Thank you! I feel very excited to incorporated what I have learnt into my marketing materials.” Natasha Fletcher

“I really enjoyed the day and came away feeling positive and focused on some new strategies to take my business forward.” Ros Astaire

“Julie is amazing. Thanks to her support and expertise, my business has grown from strength to strength. ” Emma Hammett

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About Julie Hall

Hi, I'm Julie Hall, the founder of Women Unlimited. Which is my 4th business. I've had a business as a headhunter, a consultant, a new media agency and now finally Women Unlimited. I've learned lots of lessons - many of which could have been avoided. I hope you find the articles and stories on this website useful, and feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

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