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Working 9-5 – not anymore!

Growing up was non-conventional and certainly an experience, moving from 47 degrees to minus 20 was a memorable occasion but a realisation at a tender age of 5 that the world was a huge place! My father was in the Oil Industry and oil rigs combined with many different places in the world became a way of life; we of course followed him, although not onto the rigs!!

Moving from Oman being looked after by my nanny called Goulam and fed curry every night to a remote croft in Scotland was indeed a change! So from an early age I guess you could say that I was used to adapting myself to any situation so it still amazes me that despite my desire for variety I spent the first 9 years of my working life in a bank!

Society and the need to ‘fit in’ dampened the adventurous side of my nature, but I knew one day when the time was right I would take the leap. On the 30th June 2009 this ‘leap’ happened, it had been coming for a long time and I was more than ready. Being part of one of the largest bank mergers the city had ever seen and merely just a number with a name attached I had decided many months before that my life had to change. I felt suffocated and squashed with what little confidence I had dwindling by the day, so despite not knowing exactly what I was going to do when I left, leaving was a dead cert!

So having made my decision on that warm, sunny morning (rare I know for England!) and with a feeling of freedom and lightness in my heart I proceeded to put my trainers on (removing those hideously uncomfortable office shoes) and turning my back on the huge glass office entrance for the last time skipped home with Lily Allen “@#@k you” ringing in my ears!

Opening the flat door to an eerie silence reality suddenly hit me… What in the world was I going to do now?!

Looking back through my career I knew for sure that the work I had done within the Coaching and Training arena had been an enjoyable and thought provoking experience so I proceeded to look into Life Coaching as a possible avenue to explore. My passion for people and the uncanny way friends always gravitated towards me to help them sort out life ‘issues’ made me aware that I did have a certain skill or gift, if you could call it that.

Having established my current coaching knowledge and qualifications I quickly looked into improving and building on these foundations and came across the Coaching Academy, Europe’s largest coach training organisation, it’s courses including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) would provide me

Coaching is all about making positive changes and finding a way to improve and enhance people’s lives through practical and realistic goal setting. So what was it that my company would help people achieve, what did they want from a coaching experience? For this answer I looked to myself – what did I want for the rest of my life, how did I want to be and feel? I wanted to Shine4Life…. and so that’s what I intend to do!


About the Author:  Juli Dromgoole is going to be keeping us up to date with her new venture and sharing her learning and experience along the way.  Julie’s mantra is self confidence in yourself, who you stand for and your values is the key to making the most success of your life, infecting others with your positive, sunny attitude that makes their day shine too!  You can find out more about Juli and her coaching business at www.shine4life.com

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