Women on the Way Awards for Midlands Women Entrepreneurs

Birmingham: February 27. Coventry businesswoman Jo Cameron, known from her time on the third series of The Apprentice, has launched an exciting new awards ceremony celebrating women in business. She has partnered with Lisa Ibbotson an experienced Events Manager to create the Women on their Way Awards which will be held in Birmingham on February 27, 2009.

They created the Women on their Way Awards to recognise women on the move, those who mobilise others and those who create change when it all feels too hard. They want to celebrate and recognise the energy that women bring into work and their resolve to make a difference.

There are 10 award categories, so think about any women or women business owners you might know who would be worthy of one of these awards:

Sole Trader / SME
This woman will have started her own business and be running a thriving enterprise on her own or with limited resources. She will have amassed substantial wealth by utilising her own creativity and will have a livelihood that is the envy of other sole traders.

High Growth Award
This High Growth Award will go to a woman who achieved sales revenue of £200k within two years of start up. She will have a growing team and product or service that sets itself apart from any other. She will also be mentoring others with their ambitions.

On-line Business Award
This woman will run an on-line business with 75% of sales coming directly from the internet. She will have founded it herself and will have a growing profile.  She will set an example to others about how utilising the internet can help women grow in business.

Woman in Public Office – Sponsored by Birmingham Council
This woman will have made a substantial impact in public office, maybe in policing or as an educator. She will have encouraged other women to succeed and will be at a senior management level. She will be highly regarded by colleagues and have a reputation for leading the way.

Woman in Non-Traditional Role (Construction, Engineering or Science)
This Engineer will have reached a senior position and taken on major engineering challenges, either as an employee or as a owner of her own business. She will stand out from the rest and will support the careers of other women. Her achievements may have won other awards for ingenuity or creativity.

Woman in Banking / Finance
This award will go to a woman who has risen to a Senior Management position in banking or finance. She will represent the needs and views of women inside the organisation and externally. She will have implemented strategy at the highest levels.

Woman in Journalism – Supported by Coventry Evening Telegraph
Supported by The Coventry Evening Telegraph, our Women in Journalism award will go to a woman who stands up for the views of women even when everyone else goes against her. She will be a passionate supporter of getting women’s views heard and she will have a powerful media profile.

Woman in a social enterprise
This award will go to a woman who has started a social enterprise. Her organisation will have made a lasting impact in the community and she will be a well-known figure in the social enterprise community.

MerciaBRMBWoman in the Community – Supported by Mercia FM and BRMB
The campaign to find the woman who has made a substantial impact in their local community will be carried out over the airways and on-line by Mercia FM and BRMB. This woman will be well-known to the local community and have improved the local area considerably.

The outstanding contribution to Women’s Learning and Development – Sponsored by the LSC
This award will go to a woman who has encouraged the learning and development of many other women or excelled in her own learning. She will have succeeded at higher levels due to her commitment to learning.

Angels Den
Throughout the event there will an Angels Den activity. This will give five budding women entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their ideas to the angels and guests and win investment of up to £50k!

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