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Your Stories: Joanna Tall from Offtoseemylawyer.com

Last year at Thrive 2012 (have you checked out Thrive 2013 yet?!) we decided to do something a bit different. Rather than running a conference where all the speakers had made millions and squillions of dollars, I wanted to inspire the audience with some of YOUR stories. Women from our own commmunity who had started up their own businesses and had come along to our workshops and events. Women who had made the leap of faith and jumped into their new venture with anticipation, fear, excitement and hope. We had 4 amazing women, each with unique perspectives and learnings along the way.

As it turned out, sharing these stories was one of the most successful parts of the conference as women laughed and cried along with the speakers as they shared their experiences. Joanna founded www.offtoseemylawyer.com in 2010 as a place where women business owners could come to receive good advice at a reasonable price. She also offers legal advice to Dell and other large corporates so brings a wealth of legal experience to the table.

Known as the legal Mary Poppins, she has helped me out a few legal situations and always offers great advice.

I hope you enjoy the video and watch out for more in the coming weeks.

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